Who We Are

The Rockologist's Costa Rica specialize in the instillation of authentic stone while offering the highest standards in craftsmanship and service. The Rockologist’s provide their clients with a product and service equal to U.S. standards of quality and service. We truly care about the product we produce and the service that we provide for our clients. The proprietor has over thirty five years experience in various types of exterior construction including landscape design and instillation.

What we do

We produce high quality stone work that is unique and cannot be produced rapidly. Typically it takes us two or three times longer to complete a project than your typical Tico stone masonry service. To produce a work of art made in stone when every rock is meticulously hand crafted and placed with a purpose, simply takes more time and effort to install. We take pride in what we do and want your stone instillation to be the best that it can be.

Where we come from

The Rockologist's concept was originally established in New York State in the mid-1990s. The business was sold when the founder relocated to Costa Rica in the mid to late -2000s. The majority of the photo examples located below in the gallery are the originals taken from the work completed by The Rockologist’s in the New York, & New Jersey areas during the 90’s and the early 2000’s. We have an extensive portfolio.

What we offer

It is said that a photo offers a thousand words, but Just does not take the place of being present. The Rockologist's strive to provide a unique product with excellent service. With many years experience in the construction field, we provide knowledge, skill and integrity that can be a huge asset for those who reside here. We can advise and assist you in all forms of exterior improvements with an opinion you can trust.

Lava Stone Veneer:

The Lava Stone veneer example below was completed recently here in Costa Rica. The rock is a dark grey lava stone. Lava rock is a soft stone so it is extremely difficult to hammer and chisel the shape you would like the stone to be. The stones have all been cut to fit using diamond blades. If you study the wall in detail, you will see that the stones do not look as if they have been cut, but appear as if they had been chipped as to maintain the natural look. This was intentional.

In the photos of the paver bricks, the home owner had hired us to supervise the layout and instillation along with completing the stone instillation. We also have extensive experience with all phases of landscaping.

Mullion Stone Veneer:

This stone veneer also having been completed here in Costa Rica consists of Mullion flat stones. The stones have been meticulously cut to fit providing evenly spaced joints. The joints were intentionally not pointed with concrete as to allow for a shadow around each rock. This gives each rock it's own unique appearance. This application having small narrow joints can be installed on a walk or patio, but would have the joints pointed with a colored dark concrete mix as to keep out standing water.

This stone veneer was treated with a semi gloss finish to create the wet look.

Stone Samples Boards:

On these stone sample boards below, the light colored rough stone veneer look is also Mullion in it’s natural form. Natural form meaning the stones have not been cut flat prior to instillation as is demonstrated above. This stone can be crafted similar to the lave stone veneer above, but there also is the option to create a matching patio or walk, made of the same stone.

Sample on the left has the dry look and to the right, the wet look. There are exterior finishes much like a poly urethane that can be applied to the stone to maintain the wet look appearance when dry.

Local River Stone:

This stone sample is made from the local river stone located here in Costa Rica. The stones colors and textures are very similar to the native stones found in the N.Y. N.J. areas. This type of stone instillation would be created in the more traditional way using hammers and chisels to make the face. The stones would then be cut with diamond blades to make them 2 to 3 inches in width for a standard veneer.

This stone and its appearance could be used to construct a solid stone concrete retaining wall a gated entrance way, or a free standing border wall much like you see in the example photos below. Those photos are located at the Border Walls and Retaining Walls tabs located in the gallery below. We offer you a dry look sample to the left, and a wet look to the right.

Cut Flat Stone:

In this stone example we purchased a dark randomly shaped flat stone 1’’ to 2’’ in thickness readily available here in Costa Rica. In order to make this veneer look we needed to cut the natural edges of the various sized flat stones.

The strips of stones are 1’’ to 3’’ inches in width and vary in lengths and thickness. The face of the veneer is staggered and offers a unique look. Below we offer three examples, dry look left, wet look to the right and finally the a view of how the veneer appears from the side.

Mullion Flat Stone Pointed Joint:

In this example we used the Mullion cut flat stone to make a more traditional veneer, patio or walkway look. This example is your more common application for a veneers, patios and walks. What is not so common are the stones having been individually cut and shaped to fit creating the evenly spaced joints you see here.

We offer a dry look example to the left and wet look example to the right.

Mullion Flat Blue Stone Pointed Joint:

In this examples below we used what we call, ``Mullion blue stone``. We offer both the dry look to the left and the wet look to the right.
If there is a specific stone, or a stone look that you would like to create, we can duplicate any stone façade you would like to create via a photo. We offer the possibility to construct samples sections of a completed stone façade on site if requested.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have in regards to your exterior needs. We also offer a preliminary verbal price quote based on some basic information.